The Scent Machine System Works(Fragrance diffuser)

What is the working principle of the scent system(Fragrance diffuser)?

Many people do not understand this, that the main scent system is to add fragrance to the space, in fact, it is not, the scent system is not a blind arrangement of the machine, it is different for each space scenting needs, and can not be generalized.

For example, each area of the hotel, the lobby, aisles, restaurants, restrooms, guest rooms …… is not every area of the fragrance needs to be placed in the main position, of course, fragrance is only one of the basic needs, purpose, like the lobby is more need to take into account the fragrance of the guests just entering the door to attract, restaurants and restrooms is more to take into account the treatment of odors, and Rooms are more to consider the personal favorite of the residents, and even some special hotels will give the characteristics of the rooms with the corresponding characteristics of the fragrance, these are part of the working principle of the fragrance system needs to be considered.

In addition, the aroma of a wide range of fragrance and a small range of fragrance to choose the model and style of the aroma machine is also different, which is not only the need to take into account the aroma machine fragrance range, so that the fragrance is evenly distributed without waste, but also to take into account the overall space with the beauty of the fragrance system, which is also a part of the working principle of the fragrance system.

Overall, the basic working principle of the fragrance system is to use different spaces according to the size of the aroma range m³ and specific fragrance efficacy needs, layout the corresponding aromatherapy machine, the use of aromatherapy to meet the needs of users with the efficacy of essential oils, through the aromatherapy machine atomization, so that the liquid essential oil in the form of small molecules diffused into the air, producing fragrance, according to the needs of users, some fragrance also has to dispel odors, sleep, and Drainage and other effects. Large space, long space is generally through the air conditioning system, driven by the wind fragrance diffusion, so that the fragrance uniform; small space is generally directly by the scent machine atomization diffusion fragrance can be.

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