What the hell is the aromatherapy machine for?

In short, aromatherapy machine is actually a way of aromatherapy (essential oil) diffusion

The common fragrance diffusion methods in the market are as follows:

  • Direct heating steam type

This is a relatively primitive method, which uses open fire or electric heating to heat the essential oil molecules to make them exercise violently, so as to achieve the effect of expanding fragrance in a small area.

Advantage:Simple operation and low price
Disadvantages:The spread of fragrance is unstable. The high temperature of open fire or electric heating will destroy the molecular activity of essential oil and make it lose the physiotherapeutic effect of essential oil. In addition, open fire or electric heating will have high potential safety hazards.
Products:There are mainly two types, one is candle type aromatherapy furnace, and the other is plug-in aromatherapy lamp


  • Wind diffusion type

Inhale the essential oil with sponge or other guide, and then blow the essential oil into the air with the help of wind. It is only suitable for small indoor places

Advantage:Simple and convenient operation
Disadvantages:The essential oil is volatile and consumes a large amount of essential oil;With the volatilization of essential oil, the fragrance concentration will weaken rapidly, resulting in inconsistent fragrance concentration
Products:Hair dryer aromatherapy machine, portable and vehicle mounted aromatherapy machine


  • Natural volatilization

The most common natural volatile aromatherapy is cane aromatherapy. One end of the cane is inserted into the bottle to inhale the essential oil, and then the other end volatilizes naturally in the air.Only suitable for small space use.

Advantage:The operation is simple, the cost is relatively cheap, and there is no potential safety hazard
Disadvantages:The fragrance concentration cannot be adjusted;Vines need to be replaced frequently, which will be accompanied by a waste of a certain amount of essential oil

Products:Vines aromatherapy, incense expanding stone, etc

  • Ultrasonic atomization type

All kinds of aromatherapy machines that need water and look like humidifiers on the market basically use this technology.

Its principle is to use ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation to disperse the molecular structure of essential oil through ceramic atomization tablets to produce a naturally flowing mist, which can be quickly absorbed by the air.It can meet the use requirements of various areas by controlling the size of fog.

Advantage:Quiet, fine water mist, no heating, effectively protect the activity of natural molecules of essential oil, good aroma expansion effect and controllable volatilization speed
Disadvantages:It will produce a certain humidification effect and is not suitable for places with high requirements for environmental dryness
Products:Various ultrasonic aromatherapy machines

  • Two fluid atomization type

Principle, using two fluid air atomization technology, compress plant essential oil to form droplet spray diffusion.

Advantage:No need to add water, easy to use
Disadvantages:The consumption of essential oil is large and should not be used for a long time;Loud noise
Products:Roasted instrument

There are also several details that affect the use effect of the aromatherapy machine:

  • Pure water needs to be added to the aromatherapy machine, or the water filtered by the water filter. The water in the water tank should be replaced every day
  • The aromatherapy machine has been working for a long time. Due to the residue of essential oil, there will be an uncomfortable smell. At this time, it is recommended to replace the water in the water tank, and wipe the key parts such as the water tank and atomizer with alcohol cotton to remove the residue. When it is turned on again, it will have a pure fragrance of essential oil

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