Service & Parts

At Quanxin Systems our dedication to our customer goes far beyond the sale. We recognize that our customers operate in an increasingly competitive and global environment. Quanxin has developed a portfolio of global contract manufacturing and engineering services to assist customers in responding to these demands. Quanxin supports you to ensure you are getting the most out of your comfortable home lifestyle systems by providing complete service and support. Our Service Professionals offer years of industry field experience with unbeatable home knowledge to deliver expert service and consultation on all lines of new and existing aromatherapy humidifier business. Our whole team is available to help you keep your business running at their optimum performance level.

Customize Service

Any shape, Any colour, Any size Our factory can tailor to your needs. We own our entire supply chain and therefore have total creative control of manufacturing. You name it, we make it - we can make any shape, size or colour and love working on your promotional projects. We can customise any aspect of your project and produce personalised labels, colors and styles. Got a few looks in mind? No problem, you can order a sample now.

New Product

New product development (NPD) is the process of bringing a new product to the marketplace. Our business needs to engage in this process due to changes in consumer preferences, increasing competition and advances in technology or to capitalise on a new opportunity. Quanxin thrives by understanding what our market wants, making high quality aromatherapy humidifier products, and developing new products that meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

Professional Team

We have a complete service including pre-sale, follow-up, and after-sale. For each customer, we offer certified and tested materials to produce our products. we will bring excellent solutions for each customer. Throughout the years, Quanxin incorporated eco-responsible materials in option, obtained some social certifications, such as ROHS, FC, CED, BSCI, etc.,meeting social and economic development.

On-Time Delivery

We dedicate to controlling time in each production step and maintain some distribution centers at these factories to provide local levels of safety stock in order to maintain high levels of on-time delivery for products manufactured in our factories. According to your needs, we can deliver at a specific time, or even earlier. Major times saved in Quanxin are remarkably found in sample time, mass production, and delivery.

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