Can bar scenting systems increase sales?

Today’s young people work busy during the day, social pressure makes people breathless, nightlife release can pressure, enjoy life.

Bars, parties, K songs have become the flow of places to release pressure.

According to statistics, a bar that emits fragrance and has a good atmosphere surprisingly receives 80% of the guests, thus increasing the patronage rate by up to 30% compared to ordinary bars.

How does the bar scenting system do it?

First of all, the specific fragrance emitted by the bar scent system can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and the fragrance can effectively eliminate odors, especially such as the smell of smoke and crowded people emitting unpleasant odors!

Quality scenting can make the leisure and entertainment experience more enjoyable.

Scenting system through the essential oils can be modulated to match the characteristics of the leisure and entertainment scene fragrance, so that the smell of the deep experience more pleasant!

The most important thing is that the fragrance stimulates customer consumption and improves business income: the fragrance stimulates consumption, making the crowd happier and stay longer, and consumption increases.

Quanxin’s fragrance system helps all hotels and bars to experience the highest end of fragrance services with the most cost effective fragrance fees.

Finally, be sure to find a formal fragrance service company, do not lose a lot because of the small, the loss is not worth it!

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