Different areas of the hotel need to use different aromatherapy systems

Aromatherapy is divided into local area aromatherapy and overall aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy system generally refers to the aromatherapy area is relatively large when the use of aromatherapy methods and methods. According to the size of the aromatherapy area, the structure of the aromatherapy area layout and new air system to choose the appropriate aromatherapy method.

Take hotel aromatherapy for example, many hotel customers, most of them do the hall of the aroma, we will be based on the area of the hall, the structure and the new air system to choose the aromatherapy method.

We look at the following sub-region.

A, the hall aroma

1, the hall area of about 100 square meters, the use of individually placed or wall-mounted small aromatherapy machine way. Simple, fast and easy to maintain.

2, the hall area of 100-300 square meters, there are three ways to aromatherapy. One, the average arrangement of two small aromatherapy machine. Second, in the entrance next to the placement of a limited space of 1000 cubic meters of vertical aromatherapy machine. This way is used a lot in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Third, if there is a revolving door, you can place an aromatherapy machine with an effective space of 1500 cubic meters above the revolving door; if there is no revolving door, you can place an aromatherapy machine with an effective space of 1500 cubic meters on the ceiling of the middle area of the hall.

3, the hall area in 400-600 square meters. There are two ways: one, set two vertical aromatherapy machines with an effective space of 1,000 cubic meters. Second, and the new air system connection, the installation of an effective space of 5000 cubic meters of aromatherapy machine

4, the hall area of 600 square meters or more, this time the space is basically partitioned, which is to make full use of the new air system and the pattern of the hall using the corresponding aromatherapy method. Some space is large, we can also customize the ornaments according to its decorative style hidden aromatherapy machine and equipment.

Second, the bathroom area

This area is small, heavy odor. Commonly used is loaded with essential oil perfume incense machine, placed in the sink fireless aromatherapy ornaments. If it is convenient to connect electricity, install a wall-mounted aromatherapy machine with better results.

Third, the corridor area, elevator room

If this area is not convenient to connect electricity, then install essential oil perfume incense machine. If the electricity is convenient, install a small aromatherapy machine with better results.

Fourth, the guest room area

This area we generally use two ways. One, with fireless aromatherapy ornaments, beautiful appearance, light and lasting fragrance. Second, heating aromatherapy, need to be plugged in, just like electronic mosquito liquid, after the guests move in, automatically evaporate elegant fragrance.

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