Scenting machine principle

Scent machine working principle: the use of advanced two-fluid atomization technology, using the principle of high-speed flow of compressed air, so that the essential oil into particles, and then use the ion high-speed rotating gas pedal to separate the particles into nanoscale essential oil particles, and then diffuse out through its own diffusion system or air conditioning system.

Nanoscale particles, to ensure the aromatherapy essential oil super high utilization rate.

Nanoscale particles, into a negative ion state can be suspended in the air, will not drip or cling to the surface of objects, can be spread around with a slight airflow, to ensure the diffusion of fragrance.

Nanometer particles, through the central air conditioning diffusion, can achieve large space coverage.

The function of scent machine is to diffuse essential oil directly atomized to the designated space, improve the air fragrance and quality of the space environment, to create a comfortable and romantic or warm indoor aromatic environment, is widely used in hotels, hotels, bars, banquet halls, shopping plazas, office buildings, conference centers, administrative buildings, exhibition centers, airport lounges, 4S stores, brand chain stores, etc..

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How to install the scent machine?

scent machine spraying process must be placed upright, wall-mounted, vertical placement.

The battery model uses the specified battery to last longer.

Replace the position, first take out the spray head and essential oil bottle, and then take down the machine to ensure that there will be no oil leakage caused by inadvertence.

If the whole machine (spray head, essential oil bottle, equipment) must be taken down vertically, can not be tilted more than 20 degrees.

Use special essential oil as required to avoid damaging the equipment and causing oil leakage, oil accumulation, blockage and other phenomena.

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